Roasted Pound

Roasted Pound

Berkley Coffee
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1lb valved bag of any available bean.  Bean types are described HERE.  

Packaging indicates:

  • Roast date
  • "Degas Until" date: 3 days from roast.
    (Freshly roasted coffee purges CO2 for a long while after roasting.  This is why it's often packaged in bags with a one-way vent.  CO2 wants out, but we don't want oxygen to come IN, because oxygen stales coffee.  If you brew coffee too soon after roast, that CO2 tends to cause inconsistent extraction.  Blooming helps, but regardless we aim to degas for 3 days before brewing or non-valved packaging.)
  • Peak flavor/aroma date: 9 days from roast.
  • Staling date: 21 days from roast.
    (This is subjective.  There's no danger in brewing stale beans.  The flavor and aroma just start to become flat and muted.  You are likely to find that the beans are still very drinkable well beyond the staling date...but we gotta have standards, you know?  We recommend A-B comparing peak and very stale if you get the chance, taste the difference for yourself.

We are happy to grind take away beans to your desired brew method, but we do not recommend it as ground beans stale very quickly (particularly very fine grinds like espresso).  We highly recommend grinding just prior to brewing, with a burr grinder, even when traveling or hiking.  For this reason, we sell a range of recommended grinders suitable for various usage scenarios.  Please do have a look at our GRINDERS.