Private Event Planning

We have 2 different spaces that could be reserved for a private event.

East Room

The East Room, depicted below, has a reservation rate is $80/hr.  It can hold up to 46 legally.  With the day-to-day tables & chairs and "living room" area that we have setup in there, up to 28 could be seated comfortably.  We could remove the living room, replacing that with tables & chairs to comfortably seat up to 40 or so.  I wouldn't plan for more than 40 unless it's a standing room event.

There is no technology in the East Room, it's quiet, and there is door access control available at the door to the Main Room, and South East exterior door.  We are happy to lock these during your event if you wish, and give you 3 key cards to let people in/out as you wish.

Main Room

The Main Room, depicted below, has a reservation rate of $160/hr.  It can hold up to 71 legally with tables & chairs, or 160 in a standing room configuration.  The main room has a stage and well-equipped audiovisual system.  There is further info on those systems HERE.   If you wish to use any of this equipment, please discuss your needs with us in advance.  Just note that if your use case requires us to have additional staffing to support it, then we may request addition fees.

Outside Food

We are open to private events bringing in outside food, but with a few ground rules:

-Commercially produced foods only (so no home-made cakes, etc.)

-No alcohol

-Nothing in direct competition with the house food and beverage menu (our menu is on our website if you want to review.  If there is any question whether something you are planning conflicts with this, please discuss.  We may even be able to get special items from our suppliers or in-house in some cases.)

Our regular menu will be available for the duration of your event if desired, just pay-as-you-go or we can run a tab.   If you want us to bring anything into your room (like airpots of coffee or something), happy to discuss feasibility.