Venue Info

Berkley Coffee is a new space which opened Nov 2021 (minus a few months wherein we have to close temporarily to deal with some construction matters.)  The gist is coffee roasting and bar, a broader "beverage appreciation" menu (including non-alcoholic beer, wine, cocktails), light snack, light retail, and music/events.  It should be a really progressive spot, and we hope it settles as a community institution.

The building itself is 1941, renovated industrial, formerly the home of Randolph Tool.  We share the building with a new brewery, Dog & Pony Show.  Located on 11 Mile Rd, a border street of Oak Park and Berkley in what is unofficially being called the "Water Tower District", we are in the vicinity of a barrage or other interesting business such as The Oak Park SocialUnexpected Craft Brewing Company, Drought Juice, Monarch Market Cafe, and the new electric truck company Bollinger Motors .  11 Mile Rd crosses Woodward Ave (The mainest drag of Detroit) about 1 mile to the East.  A drive 20min South on Woodward takes you into the core of downtown Detroit (including passing a dilapidated Henry Ford model T plant), ending at the Detroit River.

We have 2 rooms, the Main Room with a stage, and a smaller "East Room" that is open seating day-to-day, but can be secured for private gatherings.  The East room has a garage door that can be kept open when desired, and the seating near that garage door is removable allowing enough space for a vehicle to come in.  During standing room shows in the Main Room, the East Room will be closed to the public, usable as a "green room". 


  • Facility total 4700sqft
  • Main Room stage vicinity: 1063sqft
  • Stage 343sqft
    • 28 x 13ft with a corner cutoff, and a bit obscured by the South entrance vestibule.  See image below.
    • ADA compliant ramp.
  • Occupancy 160 in standing room configuration.
  • Occupancy 71 in tables & chairs configuration.


  • Rigged from ceiling (old wood plank and steel truss)  
  • 2x QSC E115 mains w/ 2x GP212 subwoofers, plus 1x E115 sidefill toward bar seating area.  
  • 4x EV ZLX-12BT powered stage monitors.
  • Mains are fed from a CX-QN 8K8 amp receiving 5 channels QLAN from a Qsys Nano Core, which receives 5ch Dante from Allen & Heath SQ-6 mixer.
  • 2x Allen & Heath DT168 stageboxes for 32in/32out via Dante to the SQ-6.

Mics and Related

  • 2x Shure Beta 58A, 2x Beta 57A, 2x SM57, 1x SM58
  • 2x Sennheiser E935A
  • Sennheiser XSW 1 wireless 2ch receiver (frequence range A: 548 to 572 MHz) with mic options 2x 835 handheld, 2x bodypack, 2x e 908 B ew instrument clip-on. 
  • 1x Audix FP7 drum mic kit
  • Cascade Fat Head ribbon pair with Blumlein bar (generally used for grand piano.)
  • Warm Audio WA-251 large diaphragm tube, cardioid/omni/figure 8
  • Sterling ST59 large diaphragm, cardioid/omni/figure 8
  • 4x 12 Gauge Green, 2x Red, 2x Blue, 1x 12G50, 1x Black212.
  • AEA Mini Decca Tree, 3x Audix CabGrabber, 1x Triad-Orbit T3C tall stand with casters and 2X/O2X dual boom arms (generally used for drum overheads), 8x K&M One-Hand Mic Stand with 2-piece telescoping boom, 4x On-Stage Shorty Stand with Booms
  • 2x Radial J48 active DI, 2 X-Amp re-amper


  • Piano/Keyboard:
    • Yamaha G2 R Studio Grand piano, 5’6”, rosewood (tone might be described as mellow, rounded, thick.  Definitely not Bright/Honky Tonk.)
    • Charles Walter mahogany upright (This lives in the East Room unless needed for something specific on stage.  Versus the grand, its tone is thinner, bit more attack)
    • Roland Juno DS88
    • Akai APC Key25, Novation Launchpad Mini, Behringer FCB1010 (just USB/MIDI controllers, not hardware synthesizers/effects)
    • On-Stage Stands KT7800 bench.
    • On-Stage Stands KS7365-EJ 2-tier Z-style stand.
  • Guitar/Other Stringed:
    • Gibson Les Paul Studio, worn brown satin
    • Fender Mexican Strat, HSS, candy apple red
    • Fender Mexican Tele, black
    • Gretsch G2420T hollow body, Bigby B60 floating, walnut color
    • Fender American Performer Jazz Bass, white
    • Fender Squire P-Bass, blue
    • Yairi DY-91 acoustic with LR Baggs iBeam pickup, natural spruce
    • Martin 000-15M Streetmaster acoustic w/ LR Baggs Anthem, pickup distressed satin natural mahogany
    • Deering Goodtime USA 5-string banjo, satin natural maple-rimmed resonator
    • Hercules GS525B rack for 5 guitars.
  • Amps and Related:
    • Supro Black Magick combo
    • Paul Reed Smith MT-15 Head w/ Bugera 212TS Cab
    • Fender Super Reverb combo
    • Orange BT500H bass head w/ Ampeg Portaflex PF-410HLF Cab
    • Pedals: 3x Petersen StroboStomp tuner/mute, Jekyll & Hyde Overdrive/Distortion, CryBaby, Big Muff, Tube Screamer, MXR ’78 Distortion, TC Skysurfer Reverb
  • Percussion:
    • Alesis Strike Pro electronic drums (kick, snare, 4x tom, 4x cymbal)
    • DW DP402 Double Pedal
    • PHP PDDT700 Throne
    • LP 10" wood double tambourine
    • LP Aspire 12.5" Djembe
    • Egg shakers, foot tambourine

    Audio Recording, Streaming

    • Multi-channel audio recording and separate stereo mix for streaming can be coordinated for any event.
    • We can mix recordings or supply assets if 3rd party mix/master desired.

    Video Recording, Streaming

    • 3x 1080p60 Aida NDI cameras rigged in the space (1 fixed and 1 PTZ facing the stage, and 1 fixed facing the audience.)
    • 1x 1080p30 Mevo NDI WiFi handheld camera available.
    • PTZ has joystick remote
    • All video (+ stereo audio stream mix/sync track) are collected/mixed at an OBS Studio box for streaming/recording.  Recording can be show mix and/or individual sources for post edit.
    • We can edit video, or supply assets if 3rd party edit desired.


    • Upstage and downstage battens with Elation eNode 2 ArtNet gateways, back to an ETC ColorSource 20AV board.
    • Fixtures available: 6x Chauvet Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC, 16x SlimPAR Pro H USB

    Please note that all equipment and services above are available to any event, but please do coordinate in advance.  Some equipment/services may involve specific staff positioning, time to rearrange, space limits, integration planning.  Some services may have an associated cost.


    Main Room East Room


    Sound and Light Layout