Venue Info

Berkley Coffee had its grand opening in April 2022.  We have been very active in hosting public and private events since Day 1.

The space is very comfortable, friendly, and unpretentious, with a unique collection of offerings: coffee roasting, an intentionally Non-Alcoholic bar (including beer, wine, cocktails, and other interesting beverages), light food, retail area, and music/events.

The building itself is 1941, renovated industrial, formerly the home of Randolph Tool.  We share the building with Dog & Pony Show Brewing and TRV|FIT.  Located on 11 Mile Rd, a border street of Oak Park and Berkley and home of Oak Park's "Water Tower Social District", we are in the vicinity of a barrage or other interesting business such as The Oak Park SocialUnexpected Craft Brewing Company, Monarch Market CafeBollinger Motors.  11 Mile Rd crosses Woodward Ave (The mainest drag of Detroit) about 1 mile to the East.  A drive 20min South on Woodward takes you into the core of downtown Detroit (including passing a dilapidated Henry Ford model T plant), ending at the Detroit River.

We have 2 rooms: the "Main Room" with a stage, and a smaller "East Room".  The East room is just alternative seating day-to-day, but it also has a kid's area, a living room area with an upright piano, and larger tables that can be used for meetings/gatherings or for playing an array of board games (we keep about 60 games available in our cabinets in there).  It is very quiet in the East Room, no speakers or technology.  The East room has a garage door that can be kept open when desired, and the seating near that garage door is removable allowing enough space for a vehicle to come in.  During some Main Room events, the East Room will be closed to the public and used as a "green room". 


  • Facility total 4700sqft
  • Main Room stage vicinity: 1063sqft
  • Stage 343sqft
    • 28 x 13ft with a corner cutoff, and a bit obscured by the South entrance vestibule.  See image below.
    • ADA compliant ramp.
  • Occupancy 160 in standing room configuration.
  • Occupancy 71 in tables & chairs configuration.


  • ASCAP Performance License
  • SESAC Performance License


  • 2x QSC E115 mains w/ 2x GP212 subwoofers, plus 1x E115 sidefill toward bar seating area.  All rigged from ceiling (old wood plank and steel truss)  
  • 4x EV ZLX-12BT powered stage monitors.
  • Mains are fed from a CX-QN 8K8 amp receiving 5 channels QLAN from a Qsys Nano Core, which receives 5ch Dante from Allen & Heath SQ-6 mixer.
  • 2x Allen & Heath DT168 stageboxes for 32in/32out via Dante to the SQ-6.

Mics and Related

  • 2x Shure Beta 58A, 2x Beta 57A, 2x SM57, 1x SM58
  • 2x Sennheiser E935A, 1x E835A
  • Sennheiser XSW 1 wireless 2ch receiver (frequence range A: 548 to 572 MHz) with mic options 2x 835 handheld, 2x bodypack, 2x e 908 B ew instrument clip-on. 
  • 1x Audix FP7 drum mic kit
  • Cascade Fat Head ribbon pair with Blumlein bar (generally used for grand piano.)
  • Warm Audio WA-251 large diaphragm tube, cardioid/omni/figure 8
  • 4x 12 Gauge Green, 2x Red, 2x Blue, 1x 12G50, 1x Black212.
  • AEA Mini Decca Tree, 3x Audix CabGrabber, 1x Triad-Orbit T3C tall stand with casters and 2X/O2X dual boom arms (generally used for drum overheads), 8x K&M One-Hand Mic Stand with 2-piece telescoping boom, 4x On-Stage Shorty Stand with Booms
  • 2x Radial J48 active DI, 2 X-Amp re-amper


  • Piano/Keyboard:
    • Yamaha G2 R Studio Grand piano, 5’6”, rosewood (tone might be described as mellow, rounded, thick.  Definitely not Bright/Honky Tonk.)
    • Charles Walter mahogany upright (This lives in the East Room unless needed for something specific on stage.  Versus the grand, its tone is thinner, bit more attack)
    • Roland Juno DS88
    • On-Stage Stands KT7800 bench.
    • On-Stage Stands KS7365-EJ 2-tier Z-style stand.
  • Guitar/Other Stringed:
    • Gibson Les Paul Studio, worn brown satin
    • Fender Mexican Strat, HSS, candy apple red
    • Fender Mexican Tele, black (available with advance notice)
    • Gretsch G2420T hollow body, Bigby B60 floating, walnut color
    • Fender American Performer Jazz Bass, white
    • Fender Squire P-Bass, blue  (available with advance notice)
    • Yairi DY-91 acoustic with LR Baggs iBeam pickup, natural spruce
    • Martin 000-15M Streetmaster acoustic w/ LR Baggs Anthem (available with advance notice)
    • Deering Goodtime USA 5-string banjo, satin natural maple-rimmed resonator
    • 4x guitar stands and a Hercules GS525B 5-guitar rack.
  • Amps and Related:
    • Supro Black Magick combo
    • Paul Reed Smith MT-15 Head w/ Bugera 212TS Cab
    • Fender Super Reverb combo
    • Orange BT500H bass head w/ Ampeg Portaflex PF-410HLF Cab
    • Pedals: 3x Petersen StroboStomp tuner/mute, Jekyll & Hyde Overdrive/Distortion, CryBaby, Big Muff, Tube Screamer, MXR ’78 Distortion, TC Skysurfer Reverb
  • Percussion:
    • Alesis Strike Pro electronic drums (kick, snare, 4x tom, 4x cymbal)
    • DW DP402 Double Pedal
    • PHP PDDT700 Throne
    • LP 10" wood double tambourine
    • LP Aspire 12.5" Djembe
    • Egg shakers
    • Foot tambourine

    Audio Recording, Streaming

    • Multi-channel audio recording and separate stereo mix for streaming can be coordinated for any event.
    • We can mix recordings or supply assets if 3rd party mix/master desired.

    Video Recording, Streaming

    • 3x 1080p60 Aida NDI cameras rigged in the space (1 fixed and 1 PTZ facing the stage, and 1 fixed facing the audience.)
    • 1x 1080p30 Mevo NDI WiFi handheld camera available.
    • PTZ has joystick remote
    • All video (+ stereo audio stream mix/sync track) are collected/mixed at an OBS Studio box for streaming/recording.  Recording can be show mix and/or individual sources for post edit.
    • We can edit video, or supply assets if 3rd party edit desired.


    • Upstage and downstage battens with Elation eNode 2 ArtNet gateways, back to an ETC ColorSource 20AV board.
    • Fixtures available: 6x Chauvet Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC, 16x SlimPAR Pro H USB


    • 2x Panasonic PT-FRZ50BU7 laser 1920x1200, blended horizontally to achieve coverage of 4 black & white art panels.   There is a roll-down screen (Draper Luma 2, 58x104", Matte White surface) mounted above the center of the coverage area, which we roll down for traditional 16x9 viewing.
    • An HDBaseT transmitter is available at the stage to send HDMI signal to the 16:9 screen.
    • An HDBaseT receiver is available at the stage to receive HD to a preview screen if you wish to run a presentation remotely with a cue screen placed on stage for the presenter.

    Please note that all equipment and services above are available to any event, but please do coordinate in advance.  Some equipment/services may involve specific staff positioning, time to rearrange, space limits, integration planning.  Some services may have an associated cost.

    Sound and Light Layout