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BooshieCreations Mignon Single Dose Hopper

BooshieCreations is a boutique maker from Oakland, CA.  This hopper and bellows combo is an absolute gem.  It replaces the factory hopper on any Eureka Mignon grinder (or the Rocket Faustina), making it a single dose workflow with a bellows that flushes out retained beans.

In our opinion, putting a consistently weighed dose of beans through this kit, combined one light RDT water spray beforehand, makes any of these grinders a next level tool.

HERE is a video depicting the usage and effectiveness of this unit on a Mignon Specialita.

  • PLA body, silicone bellows (This is v2.  The v1 used a PLA bellows that was less durable.)
  • Designed and manufactured in California.
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