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Berkley Coffee

Brazil Cafe Bio Project

Regarding Biodynamic:

  • Biodynamic farming is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach that surpasses just Organic goals.
  • It sees the farm as an integrated living organism made up of many elements which can be balanced to create a naturally vital ecosystem.
  • A biodynamic farm, for instance, would not JUST raise cattle, because that would result in deficiencies due to consumption by the cattle. They would seek to use natural byproducts of raising cattle to support other production, for instance they would grow plants that thrive on the cattle’s manure.
  • Out of 5.2 million farms in Brazil, only 27 are biodynamic certified producers, and only 3 of those farms grow coffee
  • It takes 2-3 years to convert from conventional to biodynamic farming


Roaster: Berkley Coffee
Roast: Medium (Agtron 55/60)
Notes: Praline, cocoa, berry, grapefruit
Country: Brazil
Region: Espirito Santo
Producer: Café Bio Project
Altitude: 1000 - 1350 masl
Variety: Catucaia-Açu Iapar 59
Process: Natural
Designations: Organic, Biodynamic
Import/Dist: Cafe Imports

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