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Brewista Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle

 This is a real decent kettle.  We recommend a style such as this, with the electronic controls in the base, versus those with the controls in the lift-off kettle part. The reason is settings maintenance.  As long as you leave the base plugged into the wall, we've found that the base usually maintains settings between on/off actions and lifting/setting the kettle.  Electronics in the lift-off piece means lost settings every lift (unless there are battery-supported ones, which we're not aware of on the market!), and so likely pushing a lot of buttons every time you turn the thing on.

This unit heats 1L from 60F to 200F in about 6 minutes.  The "soft buttons" we've found to respond well, each giving immediate audio feedback, such that it doesn't feel like you're fighting a fussy touchscreen.  It has a keep-warm option (without this enabled, it just heats to target and stops).  It has a fast boil button as a shortcut to quickly set to max power and blast off.
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