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Brewista Smart Scale II

This scale offers sensitivity and reliability rivaling popular coffee scales at twice its price, and in a very friendly package.  It has 4 real water-sealed tactile buttons, not a touchscreen.  When you press "Off", it shuts the f%k off.  That may sound like an obvious programming choice, but with so many scales they've chosen for you to hold on/off for 2 seconds to shutdown, or the timer doesn't turn off when you press 'off' if the timer was running. Silly things. 

The timer control is quick and simple as well.  No "hold for X seconds you get this. X+1 seconds you get that."  Click, response, move on.

The internal battery lasts months, and is USB-charged.

The removable rubber top is key for cleaning.  This top is our only real complaint though, as it hangs over the front a bit, nearly getting in way of the buttons.  It's not heinous though.

This is not the squattest scale among current popular coffee scale (e.g. Acaia, TimeMore), but it will be plenty short enough for most setups, and we feel its other pros outweigh this con.  It sits low enough to slide a typical shot glass under the vast majority of spouted portafilters.  On many machines, a taller mug/glass would even (for instance a 13oz camp mug fits under a Rocket Mozzafiato but not quite under a Ascaso Steel Duo).  Using a bottomless portafilter gains more headroom.

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