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Brooklyn Brewed

Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel, 750mL/25.4floz

Sorrel (a.k.a Zobo, or Bisssap) is a leafy green plant in the hibiscus family.  The leaves can be used as herb with a distinctive sour, lemony flavor.  The red flowers are tart like hibiscus.   In Jamaica, it grows as more a magenta-hued plant.

This brewed and aged recipe is florally sweet, rich, and complex, hibiscus-spiced,  based on a family recipe with anover 400-year Caribbean heritage. 

The owner, Nzinga Knight, started her business because she craved sorrel like her Trinidadian father used to make.  She struggled to find a version that got it right.  "They were either too sweet or too watered down, and it was always made in this fast food way that didn’t get to build its complexity,” says Nzinga, who borrowed Dad’s recipe to satisfy her craving for the drink and to share with friends (since said recipe yielded a whopping four gallons).  (adapted from )

  • Ingredients: Water, sorrel flower (hibiscus roselle), pure cane sugar, brown sugar, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, bay leaves, orange peel.
  • Life sealed: shelf, ~2 years from production (check for labels).
  • Life opened: fridge, 7 days.
  • Made in Brooklyn, NY

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