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Saint Anthony Industries

SAI C70 Pour Over Cone

A thick, ceramic pour over cone with steep sides (70°).  Clearly built with care, as we've found to be the case with all Saint Anthony Industries gear.

Pairs with their P70 filters, which are nice and thick.  The combination makes for a longer, higher % solubles extraction for a given grind size versus, say, the classic Hario V60 (both fine devices!)

Be sure to buy filters.  The cone doesn't generally come with any, but if we see that you've not bought filters, we'll throw a couple in the box so you don't get all frustrated.

Note that most of these items feature the "S.A.I." type, but the the "Hasami" variants are special.  They are made in the famous Hasami pottery district of Japan, featuring a slightly different interior and exterior design.  

  • Width & Height: 4in (101.6mm)
  • Bottom Ring (--> minimum Diameter of server/mug): 2.68in (68mm)
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