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Cafetto Brew Clean Tablets, 100qty

This type of cleaner removes coffee oils and stains from brew baskets, servers, airpots, and coffee pots. 

  • Each use is 1x tablet per 2L
  • OMRI listed for organic use
  • ACO Cert No. 10200
  • NSF

Simple instructions and Safety Data Sheet available via the US Distributor, Rhino Coffee Tools.  A couple recommendations beyond their instructions:

  • Put a filter in the filter holder like you normally would, before inserting tablet.  Without a filter, the water will drain through the holder very quickly, such that an adequate amount of water is not likely to contact the tablet and dissolve it.

  • Before rinsing the sudsy water out of your receiving pot, cover it and shake vigorously.  This is likely to break free more stubborn junk.

  • Be sure to also give a wash to your water reservoir, filter holder, receiving pot lid and rim.  This cleaner is just working the internals of brewer and receiving pot.



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