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Pirates of Coffee

Aceh Rozé Experimental

This one is an experimental processing method.  See more notes on that below if you're interested.

Roaster: Pirates of Coffee (Ontario)
Roast:  Medium Light (Agtron 58/71)
Notes: Redcurrant, pineapple, cacao nibs, hibiscus
Country: Indonesia
Region: Northern Aceh, Sumatra
Producer:  Sariani Phurba @ Bener Meriah Regency
Altitude: 1900-2100masl
Variety: Ateng Super, Gayo 1
Process: Anaerobic Soft Natural
Import./Dist.: We the Origin


Soft Natural is the unique anaerobic processing method utilized by Karthikeyan Rajendran. 

Step 1 - Cherries are floated and only ripe red cherries are hand selected, water is drained from the cherries for 1-2 hours.

Step 2 - Red cherries are placed into closed containers for 72 hours of anaerobic fermentation.

Step 3 - After fermenting for 3 days, the tanks are opened and the cherries are drained for 3 hours. The cherries are placed in a drying house to quickly reduce moisture levels to 11-12%. Cherries are turned every hour to promote fast and even drying.

Step 5 - After moisture levels reach 11-12% the cherries are placed in plastic bags for 3-6 weeks.

Step 6 - The cherries are finally ready to be hulled and hand picked.

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