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Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company

CSTC LYSERØD, 750mL/25.4floz

LYSERØD translates as a combination of "light" and "red".  It is based on a careful selection of 11 different organic teas, which are brewed at different temperatures and time intervals. The blend is combined in one bottle, together with a small base of grape must and a dash of lemon juice.   Dry, smooth, and round in taste.  Intense aromas of red berries and red apples. A complex and comfortably dry taste follows, thanks to the Oolong tea, combined with hints of blackberries and hibiscus.  Silver Needle white tea finishes with light bitter fruity notes.

  • Life sealed: shelf, 2 years from production (check for labels).
  • Life opened: fridge, ~10 days with a champagne keeper.
  • Organic
  • Halal
  • Vegan
  • Made in Copenhagen, Denmark
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