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Eureka Oro Mignon XL Espresso Grinder

This is a Mignon espresso grinder on steroids, featuring Eureka's 65mm flat "Diamond Inside" burrs for superior sharpness and lifetime.

The unit features a 300g hopper and a rubber-padded adjustable fork for your portafilter.  We sell a single dose hopper replacement compatible with all Mignons.  This is a highly recommended consideration for single dose workflow and reduced bean retention.

This Mignons boasts Eureka's "Silent Technology", generally staying below 60dB, which is definitely respectable for a powerful grinder.

Eurekas's mat kit is included, which is a 9x11" silicone base molded specifically to fit the Mignon base, with a rubber-padded tamp stand and brush.

The touchscreen offers 2 dose timers w/settings lock, or turn off the timer and just let it roll until you're sick of rolling.

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