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Fellow Ode Grinder

This is a remarkable drip grinder for its price.  The development was actually funded by a KickStarter Campaign with nearly 5000 backers.  It recently won an SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Best New Product Award in 2021.

It has 64mm flat steel burrs, a design that keeps bean heat down by well-separating the burrs from the motor, and fairly low retention aided by a "flicker".  It's relatively quiet.  It looks distinctively minimal.  It is very welcoming to operate:  it has a big friendly coarseness knob.  Start it with click of the black button, and it "knows" when the beans have finished and stops automatically.  It comes with a dosing cup that's magnetized to easily slide into the right place.  The hopper lid has a coarseness reference guide on the underside.

The scenarios we do NOT recommend this unit for are:
1) Espresso, Turkish, moka pot.   The burrs are designed for coarser grinds.
2) Folks who like hoppers.  This is targeted at single dosers (80g capacity).

HERE are results of data collected from this grinder using our Lighttells CM-2.  We detail the basic specs, adjustment range and granularity, and then produce graphs of "Particle Distribution for Range of Coarseness" and "Media Particle Size vs Coarseness Range".  The latter chart is particularly useful as a starting point for dialing in grind to a particular brew method when combined with a chart indicating particle sizes generally appropriate for popular brew method (such as THIS one from Kruve.)

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