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Flair Espresso

Flair Pro 2

We use Flair hand presses for serving espresso in our shop.  With some practice, the result is on par with any traditional machine.  Why shouldn't it be?  It's doing the same job, but your brain and arm are the control system and actuators.  We find it encouraging that not everything in modern life must be complicated electronics.

Furthermore, once you perfect a basic pull, you have complete flexibility to experiment with pressure profiling.  You won't get profile control on traditional espresso machines until a dramatically higher pricepoint.

Comes with the depicted core components (press stand, portafilter and filter plate, pressure chamber, pressure sensor, single spout, drip tray), plus a tamper, dosing funnel, dosing cup that doubles as a tool to reset the chamber piston, and a carrying case.

The unit breaks down to a relative small case. It's a bit large for hiking, but certainly doable for car/suitcase travel.

Please note the portafilter is 45.5mm ID, which is smaller than a "standard" 58mm portafilter.  We sell high quality 45.5mm adjustable tampers and levelers from Creativewerk.

And if you give an espresso drinker an espresso maker, they're going to want a milk frother.  The only practically priced, standalone steam wand we've found on the market is THIS stovetop unit from Bellman.  We sell handheld units that are really affordable.  HERE is another option to consider from SMEG.  

  • Quick Start Guide HERE
  • Video guide HERE
  • Warranty description HERE
  • 7lb
  • 14×10×4" (case 12.5x9x3.25")
  • Portafilter 45.5mm ID.

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