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Giusto Sapore

Giusto Sapore Bitter Rosso, 95mL/3.38floz Glass Bottle

Italian bitter red sodas (Giuso Sapore, Sanbitter, Stappi, Biz) have been around since before the current NA movement was cool (Is it cool now?)  They are soft alternatives to bitter red apertifs like Compari, Carpano, Contratto, Bruto Americano. 

Popular ingredients for these drinks tend to include chinotto, cascarilla, and grapefruit.  They are also known for using carmine coloring (a.k.a. cochineal), which is made from an insect.  Many brands, including Compari, no longer use cochineal, primarily because it has become rather pricey.  This soda still uses it.

Ingredients: water, sugar, carbon dioxide, natural flavors, acidifier: citric acid, phosphoric acid, preservatives: sodium benzoate, coloring: carmine.

  • NOTE: carmine coloring (cochineal, animal product).
  • Note "best by" date on package (~1yr)
  • Made in Italy
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