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Berkley Coffee

Custom Contigo "HARD TO SPILL" Travel Mug

A Contigo® West Loop 16oz vacuum-insulated travel mug in "Chard" matte color, customized with "HARD TO SPILL" claim and our house logo.   The image is the art proof from our printer, because... that's neat.  Just mind you it doesn't actually have those dashed line rectangles around the art.  That's just indicating where we were allowed to print.

This mug does well in the dishwasher, but do not put it in the microwave.  It has a steel core.

We've used this mug for years, because their AUTOSEAL® lid does indeed make it exceptionally hard to spill your drink.  Every day you (we) get a fresh coffee, and every day you (we) spill it like a fool.  You (we) can do better.   The label is a groggy morning reminder to not bother with other bulls#%t travel mugs.

It's a one-handed finger or thumb operation... you squeeze the button to drink, and it seals automatically when you aren't squeezing.  There is also a secondary lockout switch in case you're paranoid about accidental squeezing, but the squeezer spring is strong enough that it rarely happens anyway.

We've never broken one, or had a worn out squeezer, or a leaky lid... and they're pretty easy to clean... so this could very well be the last travel mug you ever buy.  Contigo backs their product with a Lifetime Limited Warranty

The manufacturer claims their THERMALOCK™ insulation keeps hot beverages warm for up to 5 hours and cold beverages cool for up to 11 hours.  We can't affirm that exactly... but it does fine.

One bit of advice: after you seal in a hot beverage, squeeze the button once to release any pressure inside.  Pressure changes with temperature, so if you leave it sealed under pressure for long periods of time, it can make a bit of a hot coffee bomb.  Not extreme, but enough to spray a bit and maybe hurt.

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