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Passenger Coffee

Ethiopia Gesha Village Estates


Quite an interesting (and pricey) Gesha variety.  This lot was secured by Passenger Coffee during the 2021 Pride of Gesha auction.  It's an insanely sweet, fruity, and floral example of the 1931 Gesha variety.   Gesha Village hosts this action every year as a showcase of the finest coffees of that year’s harvest. Passenger submitted the winning bid for two Champions Reserve auction lots - one washed and one natural process.

Passenger is currently offering 4 of the finest Geshas available on Earth.  These 2 lots of Ethiopia, as well as 2 Panamanian geshas: Hacienda la Esmeralda and the Elida Estate.  They also have the Mexico El Guayabel gesha that we were carrying recently, with is a great floral-forward example of a gesha at a really affordable price!  We'll probably get that one back soon, before it runs out.

Roaster: Passenger Coffee (Lancaster, PA)
Notes: Berries, floral, chocolate
Country: Ethiopia
Region: La Amistad
Producer: Adam Overton and Rachel Samuel @ Gesha Village
Altitude: 1900-2100masl
Variety: Gesha
Process: Natural
Designations: Pride of Gesha 2021 Champions Reserve
Import/Dist: Passenger

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