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New Creation Soda Works

New Creation Krumkake (Butter Pecan Cream Soda), 355mL/12floz

From the manufacturer: "Medium body with a silky mouthfeel and surprisingly crisp. Creamy and buttery with caramel, vanilla, and pecan notes. Gramma used to make a Swedish pastry called Krümkake (Kroom-kah-kah), and it tasted a lot like our cream soda. We’ve just added our southern thang to it! With bourbon, ice cream or by itself, it's phenomenal. See for yourself how crazy good it is."

  • COMMON ALLERGENS: Pecan (Drupe)
  • Ingredients: Purified Carbonated water, carmelized pure cane sugar, two-fold vanilla extract, natural pecan flavor, sodium benzoate, lemon juice, natural acidifier
  • Made in Bishop, Georgia

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