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Orphan Espresso

Orphan Fixie Hand Grinder

This the lightest hand grinder by Orphan Espresso, a small company out of Idaho who are known foremost for their array of high quality hand grinders.  Orphan are members of the Outdoor Industry Association and offer other products geared for travel (for instance a flatpack pour over cone.)

The weight is not minimized by compromising burrs.  The burrs as Etzinger 47mm conical hardened steel, which account for 42% of the unit's weight. 

The weight is minimized by:

A) Materials choice: carbon fiber hopper and handle, titanium dosing cup, various aircraft aluminum components

B) A unique coarseness adjustment system (from with the name "Fixie" comes): the unit is provided with S,M,L coarse adjustment disks made of Derlin, and fine adjustment Teflon shims.  You choose a disk (+fine shims if desired), place that over the end of the "axle", and place the handle and screw cap over that.  The axle is connected to the cone burr, and so you have just chosen a specific fixed grind coarseness appropriate to whatever beans and brew method you happen to be traveling with.

If you've ever ridden a fixed gear bike, it's likely that you immediately recognized why some people ride them religiously.  They are minimal, smooth, robust... which is comforting, and a statement.  This grinder has the same mentality.

  • Comes with a Tyvek carrying case, which has a little pocket for the handle.
  • Height 196 mm (6.5"), 54 mm Max diameter (1.75")

Here are Doug and Barb to explain this awesome design better.

Here is some support documentation.

Please note that Orphan Espresso products are not warrantied, but their high quality, generally minimal design does not lend to many issues.  Spare parts are also available for many of their products.

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