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R's Koso

R's Koso, 474mL/16floz Glass Bottle

"Koso" is Japanese for enzyme or ferment.  Koso drinks have produced in Japan for about the past hundred years for gut health.  They are made by fermenting some blend of fruits, vegetables, other botanicals, and added bacteria strains for weeks or months.  This results in a complex tasting elixir that is rich in:
  • Prebiotics (fiber that acts as food for bacteria that lives in your gut)
  • Probiotics (the actual bacteria that lives in your gut)
  • Postbiotics (chemicals released when the bacteria feeds on the fiber, such as short chain fatty acids, which are beneficial to your gut, body, and even brain health.  There are tons of good articles on SCFAs.  HERE is one we found particularly interesting.)
Koso delivers all of the above.

We're certain that R's Koso starts by walking down all the market aisles with arm out knocking everything into the cart.  It has over 100 ingredients (see product image for listing).  Fruits, greens, seaweed, mushrooms, beans, grains, herbs, flowers... you name it (except no animal products.)

All ingredients are fermented together for 1 year.

Suggested use is 15mL shot 1-2 times per day, or as a soda.
  • See container for shelf life (~3 years).  Refrigerate after opening for up to 30 days.
  • Vegan, Non-GMO, Diary Free, 100% natural
  • Made in Japan
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