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Schmohz 120 Pale (21+, Draft)

Acquiring non-alcoholic beer in a keg is not an easy venture, but we were determined to get it.  We've only really seen it in done in brew pubs/tasting rooms the brewery chooses to provide an in-house NA option.  Distribution of NA kegs is essentially non-existent. 

Schmohz in Grand Rapids agreed to do a batch of just such an in-house/bottles-only NA that they had produced in the past.  Our draft tech Randy Klinger knows a lot of people from doing installs, so he thought of Schmohz, gave them a call, nailed it!   Thanks very much to Schmohz and Randy.

It's a rather mildly-flavored pale, but a very nice citrusy head that jumps out of the glass.

  • Brewed in Grand Rapids, MI
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