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Moccamaster KBGV Select

In our shop, we like the single dose workflow, and a big part of that is simply to show devotion and craft... but your office, or your groggy 5am routine, are not the shop.  Many people will prefer a higher capacity / faster-per-cup batch brew.  This brewer here gives up to 10 cups.

Cleaning really is key to producing decent coffee month after month, regardless of brew style.  The simplicity of a pour over, or a Flair mechanical press, make them easy to keep clean.  "Machines' are not as easy to clean.  Let's hope most espresso machines get cleaned purely because of their cost... but Mr. Coffee... it just rarely happens.  We hope this guy here is "naked" enough and attractive enough to provoke regular cleaning.

The differences between the various Moccamaster models is a bit subtle:

The most notable variation is glass vs thermal carafe.  We choose to sell only the glass, because the thermal doesn't expose dirt and staining, so pressuring you to clean.  Neither does thermal entice by showing you the hot coffee, nor give the slightest childhood diner nostalgia. It keeps the coffee warmer longer, yes.  So does the carafe heater plate.   Leave it on a hot plate too long, and it will start to taste stale and charred.  All models feature a 100 minute auto shutoff on the hot plate.

Another important subtle difference is a water flow control feature.  The "KBGV Select" is the only version with a "half jug" mode.  When you brew less coffee, you use less beans, and water will flow through less beans faster and extracting less.  Reducing the flow rate compensates for this, so you still have a well-extracted smaller batch.  A smaller brew is recommended if you find you generally still have coffee leftover when the hot plate autoshuts off.

Another subtle different is auto drip-stop (not available on KB model).  Pull the carafe to sneak a cup early, and it stops dripping until you replace the carafe.

Uses #4 filters, available HERE.

Also consider this handsome filter holder.

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