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Vichy Catalan

Vichy Catalan, Carbonated, 500mL

Source Location

Caldes de Malavella, Italy

Source Type Spring
Mineral Content (ppm) 3052
pH 7
Absurdly high mineral content, including natural carbonation...yet still negligible nitrates.  The sodium(1097) and bicarbonate(2081) are the most standout numbers.  The Vichy spring is actually 2 springs sourced from the same aquifer with slightly different resulting compositions.  The water and CO2 are harvested separately, and then recombined.  This area has been occupied since prehistoric times, and the warm springs were assumed to be a reason.  This water was first bottled in 1889, which attracted a lot of new visitors to the area.  A spa was built soon after.  Pop over there and check it out: Hotel Balneario Vichy Catalan
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