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Woodnose Sacré, 750mL/25.4floz

Woodnose stands alone in its style, and it is powerful... so not particularly easy to throw in any old cocktail.  It would probably sit best as a twist in an amaro drink, or as a coffee shrub.  In any case, it is delicious and complex on its own, and shaken vigorously it produces a great foam head.  It's made in Vermont with organic maple syrup from the makers' farm, blended with a bourbon barrel fermented maple syrup, and coffee.  It is sharp with vinegar, balanced by dark and earthy coffee, woody aroma, and maple sweetness.  It commands the drinker's attention.

  • Shelf closed up to ~1yr (but check for label).  Refrigerate open up to 30 days.
  • Made in Vermont
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