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Brewista X Series Hand Grinder

This is a solidly built hand grinder designed for Brewista by B+ Design Group out of Taiwan.  The burrs are Italian 45mm conical titanium coated 304 steel.  The body and magnetic dosing cup are steel as well, resulting in a hefty unit at almost 800g (2.5x the weight of the Orphan Fixie).  While not ideal for light travel, but we've found it to be about the most comfortable handheld grinder for home use.  With the heavy body and a diameter of almost 55mm, it has a great grip and great inertia to it.  It has a long Z-shaped grinding arm with a sizable plastic knob.  This all adds up to fast and effort-efficient grinding.

Coarseness adjustment is easy, just rotate the whole top of the unit (60 steps available).  The magnets on the dosing cup are strong.  The bean drop-in hole is plenty big, and comes with a plastic cap if you want to use it.  The handle is removable, and it comes with a bag that everything fits in.  The unit is easy to disassemble for cleaning, and it comes with a brush and air blower  It's really a nice piece of gear.


The coarseness adjustment mechanism is labelled "0","5","10" at the 90deg turn increments, and then a final 90deg turn would bring you back full 360 to "0".  There are 5 sub-marks between each number, and so each revolution has 20 steps.  Each step making a clicking sound when you land on it.  A little more than 3 full 360deg spins is possible before the unit stops you, and so you have a little more than 60 stepped positions on this grinder.  In order to know what position you are at, you need to know how many revolutions have been spun from one end of the range or the other. 

Turning the coarseness adjustment counter-clockwise brings the top and bottom burrs closer together, so if you keep turning counter-clockwise until it stops, then this theoretically will produce the finest grind possible on this grinder.  At the other end of the range, the burrs are furthest apart, and so this will produce the coarsest grind possible.  The positions are labelled such that the number increases as you turn counter-clockwise, in other words turning the position "down" increases the coarseness.  Let's turn full stop clockwise, which lands us just near to a "0" mark.  Let's just land on that "0" mark, and call this position 0/0. (All the way "down".  Our coarsest position).  Now let's spin to full stop counter-clockwise (all the way "up"), which puts us just beyond a "0" mark again.  Let's land on that "0" mark, and call this position 3/0 (All the way "up".  Our finest position).

Practically though, at 3/0 the burrs are so close together that if you charge some beans and try to grind... you won't get much action, because the beans can't find their way into the burrs its such a tight entry.  Turn it down below about 2/5 and you should start feeling some traction.

And as with any hand grinder, note that the grinding will take longer the finer you go, because less bean mass is pulled through per revolution as you make the aperture smaller.

Here are some recommended starting point positions by brew style:

Position  Brew Style
0/0 Cold Brew
0/5 French Press
1/0 Pour Over / Drip
1/5 Aeropress
2/0 Espresso



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