• Full Upcoming Events Quick List


    • Open Stage, Thursdays 6-10pm


    • Steve Taylor’s Songwriter Showcase, Fridays 7pm. Next dates:
      10/6 w/ Caleb Sanchez, Jo Serrapere, Trey Simon
      11/3 w/ Nicholas James, Dan Hazlett, Rochelle Clark
      12/1 w/ Terry Burns, Annie Bacon, Caleb Malooley
    • Tom Alter’s Songwriter Scramble, Wednesdays 7:30pm. Next dates:
      10/11 w/ Jo Serrapare, Tom Megli
      11/8 w/ John Freeman, Kat Steih
      12/6 w/ Stuart Benbow, Tifani Vandenberg, Matt
      1/24 w/ TBD
      2/28 w/ TBD
      3/20 w/ TBD
    • ISP Classical Jam, Sundays 1-3pm, Next dates:
    • "Fellowship of the Music" Blues and Roots Jam w/ Brian Yamstein, Mondays 6-8pm. Next dates:
      Sober Challenge Night
      Wednesdays 6pm. Next dates:
      Aim High Student Showcase, 6pm. Next dates:
      Movie & Popcorn Series, Wednesdays @ 7pm. Next dates:
      11/15 Iwo Jima Diary + Finding Happiness – Series 2, Q&A with Director Michael Pfaendtner
      12/13 A Girl Like Her (by Amy Weber)
      1/10 We Thrive, Q&A with creators, live music by Venom & Mayhem
      2/7 Annabelle & Bear (by Amy Weber)


    • 9/26@7pm Sean Zelda, Brent McKellar (B.Y.O. Main Room)
    • 9/27@7pm The Well – Sukkot (ticketing by them)
    • 9/29@7pm Bastard Ideals (Album Release Show) w/ Signal Quartet
    • 9/30@3pm Beta Max & The B-Sides (B.Y.O. Main Room)
    • 9/30@8pm Groove Fellowship
    • 9/26@7pm Sean Zelda, Brent McKellar (B.Y.O. Main Room)
    • 10/9@7pm Katrina Storm (B.Y.O. Main Room)
    • 10/10@7pm Vince Smith (B.Y.O. Main Room)
    • 10/13@7:30pm Joshua Davis w/ Angel Fae
    • 10/14@3pm Consuming Arts (B.Y.O. Main Room)
    • 10/14@8pm Gino Fanelli
    • 10/15@3pm Afternoon Hardcore: Hellmouth, S.N.A.F.U.
    • 10/16@8pm, PUG presents Arcadia Gray, The Losing Score, Paper Lanterns, Headless Mary
    • 10/18@7pm Atlas Tango Quintet
    • 10/20@7pm Jibs Brown & the Jambros, Barelyon
    • 10/21@7:30pm “Standard Time” feat Emily Rose, Carmel Liburdi, Anthony Retka, Tom Alter
    • 10/22@3pm Identidade BOSSA NOVA (B.Y.O. Main Room)
    • 10/23@7pm Lizzie Grace JAZZ STANDARDS (B.Y.O. Main Room)
    • 10/27@3pm Khalfani (B.Y.O. Main Room)
    • 10/28@8pm Tino G’s Dumpster Machine
    • 10/29@3pm Adam Payne NYLON CLASSIC (B.Y.O. East Room)
    • 11/1@8pm Kate Hinote Trio w/ Fay Burns, Erin Williams Browne, Emily Rose
    • 11/4@8pm Matthew Mills clinic style guitar performance w/ Lloyd Wallace
    • 11/6@7pm Berkley First UMC (B.Y.O. Main Room)
    • 11/10@7pm Voxanna
    • 11/11@7:30pm Summer Like the Season, The Dirty Pots, Yeddie Woods
    • 11/13@6:30pm Paint Creek Center for the Arts: Terrarium Workshop
    • 11/17@8pm Mark Jewett & The Strategic Advisors
    • 11/18@8pm Skunch + TBD
    • 11/20@7pm The DOMINO Effect (B.Y.O. Main Room)
    • 11/24@8pm Groove Fellowship
    • 11/25@7:30pm Dartmoors, Hemmingway Lane, Low Phase, Sean from the Doozers
    • 11/29@7:30pm Ghost Garden, FeRn Whale
    • 12/2@8pm The Hot Rod Cherries
    • 12/8@7:30pm Ellie Martin
    • 12/9@8pm SongAnon Animal Shelter Benefit
    • 12/10@3pm Afternoon Hardcore w/ TBD
    • 12/11@6:30pm Paint Creek Center for the Arts: Glass Etching Workshop
    • 12/16@7pm Billy Brandt and the Sugarees
    • 12/22@8pm Olivia Van Goor (holiday blend)
    • 12/30@8pm Pistol Pete's Existential Crisis
    • 1/6 @ 7pm Ernie F*kin Douglas, Robert Johnson
    • 1/13@8pm Frontier Ruckus w/ Pedro Meadows
    • 1/20@8pm Groove Fellowship
    • 1/27@8pm Wilson Thicket
    • 2/3@8pm Josh Rose, Ed Dupas
    • 2/4@3pm Afternoon Hardcore: Idiot Kids + TBD
    • 2/10@8pm Carolyn Striho, Mary Maguire
    • 2/25@2pm Matthew Ball Piano Showcase w/ TBD
    • 3/9@8pm Jason Blake (Warr guitar), Angel of Mars
    • 3/15@8pm Planet D Nonet
    • 3/16@7pm Voxanna, Alter Blue
    • 3/31@3pm Afternoon Hardcore w/ TBD
    • 4/27@7pm Billy Davis Rhythm Machine (and his 86th bday party!)
  • Location and Contact

    14661 West 11 Mile Rd, Ste 500
    Oak Park, MI 48237

    +1 (248) 565-8114

    Our building sits on the South side of 11 Mile Rd. There is a public entrance on 11 Mile, but parking and main entrance are behind the building. From 11 Mile, turn South on Tulare or Tyler to access parking.

    Berkley Name, Oak Park Address??

    Correct. The business was actively operating as Berkley Coffee before the physical location was chosen. We love Berkley. We love Oak Park. We are physically on the border of the two. We can stand at the bar and see Berkley out the North windows and Oak Park out the South. We're excited to offer a community hub for both cities.

  • Hours

    Mon 7am-9pm
    Tue 7am-9pm
    Wed 7am-9pm
    Thu 7am-10pm
    Fri 7am-10pm
    Sat 8am-10pm
    Sun 8am-5pm

    We regularly hold special hours for events.

    We close in observance of these holidays:
    New Years Day
    Lunar New Year
    Eid al-Adha
    Labor Day
    Yom Kippur

  • Mission

    Berkley Coffee is a coffee roasting shop, Non-Alcoholic bar, and events space. It is also inherently a community center for Oak Park, Berkley, etc.

    Our beverage-focused menu and curious workflows are intended to challenge people to think and explore, slow down and appreciate, and bring adventure to the daily grind.

    Our Non-Alcoholic bar exists to encourage consciousness, life balance, and appreciation of all those OTHER ingredients shadowed by ethanol in most “adult beverages”. For the full spectrum of strictly sober to struggling alcoholic, we exist for you to enjoy well-considered, often complex/challenging adult drinks devoid of the negative impacts of alcohol. We pair this with a social environment that is traditionally alcoholic: the bar, the music venue, the social gathering. We challenge you to appreciate the world sober, even if for 1 day per week.

    It is often pointed out to us that such a venue can’t survive without the draw and sales of alcohol. That is one core reason we are doing this. Society has a problem. This business will fail before it serves alcohol, and there will be no regrets for challenging the status quo. There are THOUSANDS of social spaces for alcohol. Our neighbors are traditional breweries and cocktail bars. We love and support our neighbors! Go there if you want/need alcohol. However, there are few social spaces devoid of alcohol. Appreciate that we are offering something rare and progressive to the community.

  • Events

    Our stage offers an intimate, high quality, and accessible platform for local or traveling performers. We aim to support a broad variety of genres/mediums, skill levels, and ages.

    For further detail on the facility and equipment, review the Events --> Venue Info page on our website.

    If you are interested to present a public event or display art at our space, please talk to us at We are always interested to make acquaintance with musicians, bands, filmmakers, performers, artists, and other event professionals.

    Upcoming public events are
    listed above. We post further event details to our Facebook Events and other listing sites linked in the Events tab of our website.

    Our East Room and Main Room
    are great for private gatherings. If interested, please review the Events --> Private Event Planning page on our website, then email us at