The News:

Thanks for being part of the "Berkley Coffee & Oak Park Dry" adventure the past couple years.  The shop closed permanently for normal business on 2023-11-25.  If you would like to read the official announcement from the closing, it is still available HERE.


Today was the last day of the "garage sale phase". So there are no more standard "open hours". Thanks for your help moving so much closeout stock & sellable assets. There's still quite a bit available, so if there was anything in pics of whatever that still interests you, feel free to shoot me an email at and we can arrange a pickup if still available. If/when I do get some time, I may post more remaining item specifics in "virtual garage sale" form.... but for now, on to other priorities!
Beans remain available here on the website.
As do the couple bits of retrospect PRE-SALE merch that have been available to support since the day we closed. I hope to pull the trigger on those retrospect TEES production soon. The restrospect ALBUM is much further off.


2023-12-30: As long as I hold the building lease (next tenant TBD but lots of strong interest), I'll continue to roast there and hold some retail hours for bean pickup, batch brew cups, old retail closeout (40% off), and old assets garage sale.  Those hours are currently M-F 12-2PM.

Once the building is handed over to someone else... I'm really not sure, it depends who the next business is, if my roaster can stay, etc.  I aim to continue roasting regardless of where the roaster ends up, the shape of it is just not clear yet.  Could remain commercial, could be farmer's market, could just be limited website reservations with home/office delivery.  So stay tuned...